Make your life a work of art.
Kunst Atelier für Kinder und Erwachsene

Sommerplausch 2019

May the second annual SOMMERPLAUCH art activities commence! This summer we paint, glue, gather, splash, splatter, and toss color and glitter to make ART! 

A few activities featured this summer:

COLOR PLAY!  Spin Art and Painting techniques:  

We play with spin art and balloon painting techniques. When the weather is warm, we experiment with drop painting outdoors.

Canvas painting:

We will cover the basics of acrylic painting: Colour mixing, textures, techniques. You have the freedom to create your own artwork - just the way you want it to be. Magazines and books will be available for inspiration! 

Sand Mandalas:

We'll make sand mandalas with colored sand. This activity requires creativity and patience - the sand is glued on slowly. When the weather is nice, we will make ourselves comfortable by the creek next to the studio outside. 

Stone painting: 

We collect stones in the Töss river. We will use colour markings to create individual designs on the river stones. 

Shadow Box Art:

We will create a shadow box from mixed media collage. The unrolling, folding and cutting of paper are just some of the techniques that will be learnt. Handicraft materials are integrated into this art process. (Yes, GLITTER!) 

Clock painting:

We're gonna paint a clock for your bedroom. Please bring your favorite photos/colors to your inspiration! 

Please go to:  to sign-up for these classes! Thank you for supporting the Sommerplausch club for kids!