Make your life a work of art.
Kunst Atelier für Kinder und Erwachsene
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About the studio:

Once upon a time in a small little village, tucked away from the busy city life, there was an artistic mom that wanted to create a space of peace and harmony.  A space to make and share beautiful creations. Space where one could go and be relaxed, create, sip tea, meet with friends, and just ‘be.’  Normal family life was crazy, busy, loud, obnoxious and yet happy. But where were the other creative souls? This art mom couldn’t find such a place anywhere. So she created a space of her own... and now it is open to you. 

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Libelle Creative Studio is to offer a creative space to explore the visual sensories through paint, drawing, printing and other mixed media. 

Students will have the chance for personal exploration, creative growth in a supportive atmosphere that fosters learning, positive cultural & social interactions. 




The Libelle Creative Studio is providing a place 

for children and adults-

to EXPLORE freely and fearlessly;

LEARN visually and problem-solve;

enrich their life through what they CREATE;


all in a place to feel safe, to celebrate and BELONG.


Über das Studio:

Es war einmal in einem kleinen Dorf, abseits des geschäftigen Stadtlebens, eine künstlerische Mutter, die einen Raum des Friedens und der Harmonie schaffen wollte.  Ein Ort, an dem man schöne Kreationen machen und teilen kann. Raum, in dem man sich entspannen, kreieren, Tee trinken, sich mit Freunden treffen und einfach "sein" kann.  Das normale Familienleben war verrückt, beschäftigt, laut, widerwärtig und doch glücklich. Aber wo waren die anderen kreativen Seelen? Diese Kunstmutter konnte so einen Ort nirgendwo finden. So schuf sie sich einen eigenen Raum.... und jetzt steht er dir offen. 



Die Mission des Libelle Creative Studio ist es, einen kreativen Raum zu bieten, um die visuellen Empfindungen durch Malen, Zeichnen, Drucken und andere Mischtechniken zu erforschen. Die Schüler haben die Chance auf persönliche Erkundung, kreatives Wachstum in einer unterstützenden Atmosphäre, die das Lernen fördert, positive kulturelle und soziale Interaktionen. 





Das Libelle Kreativstudio bietet 
einen Platz für Kinder und Erwachsene-



um FREI und FURCHTLOS zu erforschen;

LERNE visuell und Problemlösung;

bereichern ihr Leben durch das, was sie ERSCHAFFEN;


alle an einem Ort, an dem man sich sicher fühlt, feiert und GEHÖRT.





Where to find the Libelle Creative Studio:

LIbelle Creative Studio

Lochmuhle 6, OG1

8427 Rorbas

This creative space is for everyone. I invite you to stop by, have a cup of tea or coffee, and explore your creativity.

The (Native) American Indian culture believes dragonflies channel your dreams. 

 “The dragonfly rising on the wings, of unlocked dreams, on the verge of magical things.” 

-Aimee Stewart





Anreise mit dem Bus:

*Bus 521/522: Rorbas Dorfplatz

Vom Dorfplatz von Rorbas:



 *Ende der Bachstraße

 *Kleiner markierter Parkplatz

     (Sie gehen die kleine Brücke zu Fuß überqueren.)

 **Bitte respektieren Sie die Wohngebäude und Gärten






About the studio

Jenny Carrera Bognar, BFA - Owner/artist

Jenny Carrera Bognar, BFA - Owner/artist

Position Owner / Artist

About Reflective, childhood-like, innocent, folklore, complex with depth – just some of the expressions that best illustrate her artistic style. When it comes to creative mediums – let it be painting, sculpting, sewing, ceramics, screen printings, photography or graphic & web design – Jenny is at home with them all. She has walked the hallways of creative corporations for nearly a decade as a production/design artist and worked on commercial licensing projects for Disney®, Warner Brothers® (and others). She preserved her creative roots by participating in the local art scene - in her native city of Kansas City - by exhibiting her own work for various art & fashion shows (clothing design). She also assisted non-profit art galleries to organize/help children’s after school classes, exhibition openings & artistic performances. Beside her previous exposure to fellow artists & wide range of art communities, her formal training includes a B.F.A. degree from the well-respected Kansas City Art Institute. She currently resides in Freienstein (approximately 25 minutes north of Zurich, Switzerland) with her husband and two beautiful daughters (who you may encounter during some courses).